Car Accidents

An Encino Personal Injury Lawyer on Car Accidents

Car accidents are prevalent, especially so on the crowded highways of Southern California. Most people realize that if they have been injured in a car accident they are entitled to recover certain damages. However, how to recover the maximum compensation available is a question for an Encino car accident attorney.

Types of Damages Available
As the injured party, you may be entitled to compensation for some or all of the following:
• Medical bills (past, present, and future)
• Lost income (past, present, and future)
• Emotional distress
• Pain and suffering
• Property damage
To do so, however, your Encino personal injury lawyer will have to prove the other party was negligent.

Investigation of the Accident
Not every car accident has an obvious cause; the other driver will likely deny liability. In many instances it will be necessary for an Encino personal injury lawyer to retain an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the event.

Essentially, all car accident cases involve insurance companies. Your Encino car accident attorney will be negotiating with the other party’s insurance company, but there are circumstances in which your insurance company will be involved, such as:

• Uninsured motorist
• Underinsured motorist
• Rental car
• Medical payments

Steps to Take after a Car Accident
It is important to be prepared in the event you are involved in a car accident. An Encino personal injury lawyer’s recommendations:

• Call the police and report the accident
• Exchange pertinent information with all the other parties involved in the accident
• Obtain the name and contact information of all witnesses
• Photograph the scene, diagram the scene, and record as much detail as possible
• Seek medical treatment, even if you do not believe you were seriously injured; injuries from car accidents do not always appear right away
• Report the incident to your insurance company
• Do not sign anything or agree to a recorded statement without speaking to an Encino personal injury lawyer

Contact an Encino Car Accident Attorney for Legal Advice
If you are injured in a car accident, either as a passenger or driver, do not make the mistake of believing that the insurance company will take care of you. Call Koshki & Associates, Attorneys at Law, an Encino personal injury lawyer firm at (818) 741-2191 or (888) 807-4790.