Construction Accidents

An Encino Personal Injury Law Firm Reports on Construction Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, which can be made even more so by the negligence of another. When an accident occurs, there will be multiple parties involved, each with competing interests. If you have been injured in a construction accident, it is wise to retain an Encino personal injury attorney early in the process.

Types of Accidents
Not only do construction sites expose those present to the inherent dangers of heavy equipment, but also to scaffolding and exposed wiring and debris. An Encino personal injury law firm will emphasize there are obligations necessary to establish safety protocol, supervise workers and maintain the equipment. Many of these safety regulations are promulgated by OSHA. While a violation of OSHA standards is not conclusive of liability, an Encino personal injury law firm will explain that it is a significant factor.

Workers’ Compensation
The general rule is that an employee cannot file a personal injury claim against his or her employer; the sole remedy is workers’ compensation. However, an experienced Encino personal injury law firm attorney can explain that many construction accidents involve the liability of more than one party and the injured party may not be an employee. Additionally, if an employer is legally obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance but does not, an injured worker may be able to sue for damages.

An Encinco Personal Injury Attorney on 3rd Party Liability
The reality of a construction site is that much activity is going on and many different entities are involved; it is often, therefore, not readily apparent what happened and who may be at fault. When an employee is injured, a workers’ compensation claim against the employer does not typically preclude a personal injury claim against others who may be partially liable. For instance, an Encino personal injury law firm’s investigation will look to:

• General contractors
• Subcontractors
• The owner of the property
• The manufacturer of any machinery or equipment involved in the accident

Contact an Encino Personal Injury Attorney for Legal Advice
Many construction accident injuries are severe and leave permanent injuries. Be certain you receive all the compensation you are entitled to. Call Koshki & Associates, Attorneys at Law, an Encino personal injury law firm at (818) 741-2191 or (888) 807-4790.