Motorcycle Accidents

A San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Attorney on Motorcycle Accidents

The likelihood of serious injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident is high due to the vulnerability of the rider, no matter the extent of protective gear. For that reason, coupled with what can only be considered a bias by some insurance companies against motorcyclists, you need an experienced San Fernando Valley motorcycle accident lawyer.

A lucky few escape the trauma of a motorcycle accident with minimal injuries, but a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney reports it’s more likely that the injured party has more serious consequences such as:

• Severe fractures
• Head injuries, including concussions and brain trauma
• Spinal column injuries, which can lead to temporary, long-term, or permanent paralysis

Causes of Accidents
From experience, a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney can tell you that a high percentage of motorcycle accidents involve a passenger car or truck. Often times, a left-hand turn will result in a car or truck unable to see the motorcycle. More difficult to prove, however, are instances where there was no collision, but the action of the other vehicle forced the motorcycle into a skid or off the road. In such a case, your San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney will need to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Other causes include:

• Improperly maintained roadways
• Improperly marked roadways
• Overly steep grades
• Overly sharp curves
The complexity of your particular case may require your San Fernando Valley motorcycle accident lawyer to consult an expert witness to prove the actual cause of the accident.

Rider Negligence
A certain percentage of accidents are due to rider error. However, California is a comparative negligence state, which as a San Fernando Valley personal injury attorney explains, means an injured rider can collect damages even if he or she was partially at fault.

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