Car Accidents

Car accidents are prevalent, especially so on the crowded highways of Southern California. Most people realize that if they have been injured in a car accident they are entitled to recover certain damages. However, how to recover the maximum compensation available is a question for an Encino car accident attorney…

Premises Liability

Slip and fall accidents are characterized by some substance that is on the surface of the floor that causes you to lose traction and fall, while trip and falls are due primarily to some more permanent issue with the surface such as uneven tiles, tree roots, or pot holes in sidewalks. In either case, you need an Encino personal injury lawyer to explain your rights…

Wrongful Death

A personal injury claim can stem from a wide variety of negligent acts by another resulting in anything from a minor injury as one might sustain in a fender bender to a permanent disability from a surgical error. If any act of negligence causes the death of an individual, a San Fernando Valley wrongful death lawyer can explain the legal options for his or her survivors…

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Koshki & Associates represent their clients on a CONTINGENCY FEE AGREEMENT which means that you WILL NOT OWE ANY LEGAL FEES UNLESS WE OBTAIN A FAVORABLE SETTLEMENT for your injury claim. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact Koshki & Associates now for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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