Truck Accidents

A San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyer on Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are typically far more complicated than passenger car accidents for multiple reasons and Southern California has a high volume of trucks on its highways. Your recovery for damages sustained in a truck accident may well depend on the expertise of a San Fernando Valley truck accident attorney.

Severity of Injuries
The size of trucks and the momentum created as they travel at highway speeds creates a lethal combination. Serious injuries and, all too often, fatalities are the consequences of truck accidents. One of the issues confronting your San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer is the multiplicity of insurance companies involved.

The Parties
Each of the parties has different insurance requirements and coverage and, as a San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer reports, will actively seek to deny any liability on the part of their insured. Included among the types of insurance and coverage that may apply is:

• The driver’s insurance
• The truck owner’s insurance
• The leasing company’s insurance
• Hazardous material coverage
• 3rd party coverage

A San Fernando Valley Truck Accident Attorney Must Prove Negligence
Negligence can, and often does, involve liability on behalf of more than one party. For instance, if the cause of an accident is deemed to be poorly maintained tires, the owner of the truck, the lease of the truck and/or the driver of the truck may be responsible. Establishing what actually happened and apportioning responsibility is the primary task of your San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer.

Each accident is unique and must be investigated individually, but common causes an experienced San Fernando Valley personal injury lawyer report include:

• Unsafe truck loads due to excess weight or improper balance
• Driver fatigue, which may be partially due to the trucking company’s demands to adhere to unrealistic schedules
• Driver error
• Negligent driver training practices by the trucking company
• Improperly maintained or unsafe roads

Contact a San Fernando Valley Truck Accident Attorney for Legal Advice
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